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Why choose Typhoon VPN Pro?


Quick Connect

Click the Quick Connect button and our smart algorithm will instantly select the best server for you.


Kill Switch

Kill Switch technology ensures that even for a brief moment, your sensitive data is never leaked.


Reliable encryption

Stay safe online when browsing on public Wi-Fi or any other web – Typhoon VPN Pro keeps your data safe with military-grade encryption.


The fastest VPN in the world

With 5000+ servers around the world and the game-changing Typhoon VPN protocol, Typhoon VPN Pro keeps your internet secure and fast.


Easy to use

The clear and intuitive Typhoon VPN Pro interface makes it easy to get up and running. After installing the app and registering, you can get full internet security with just one click.


Get 24/7 help

Need help? We have professional and technical personnel ready to provide you with intimate online help.